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SNAP E&T - Success Stories

The SNAP E&T recipients pursue — and find — their path to employment and a better life. They gain the skills, training or work experience that can help them build a rewarding career path, increase self-sufficiency, and reduce their need for food assistance.

Economic Impact

SNAP E&T can have an economic impact not just for the participants it serves but for local communities and states as well.

New Partnerships

SNAP E&T can be used to bring together all the resources in a community in partnership to ensure high job placement, job retention, and low recidivism rates among participants.

Fit for Purpose

SNAP E&T can be used to tailor programs to the unique target populations and communities that states serve.


SNAP E&T can help participants move into careers to get on a path to self-sufficiency.

Baton Rouge Community College

Kristian Mitchell

Ms. Mitchell completed our Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist component on 07/22/2021. She is currently employed at American Specialty. She is also currently enrolled in Medical Billing and Coding through Snap E&T here at BRCC. She will complete this component on 06/23/2022.

Jalaecia Holmes

Ms. Holmes completed our Medical Billing and Coding component on 12/03/2021. She is currently employed at Lane Memorial Hospital in the billing dept. She is extremely happy with her pay and ability to work from home when needed.

Tiffany Stevenson

Ms. Stevenson completed our Medical Billing and Coding component on 12/3/2021. She is currently employed at Blue Cross Blue Shield in her field of study.

Destinee Snearl

Ms. Snearl completed our Medical Assistant component on 10/29/2021. She is currently employed as at Port Allen Health Unit as a Medical Assistant.

Kenyetta Anderson

Ms. Anderson Completed our Medical Assistant component on 10/29/2021. She is currently employed at Ochsner clinic as a Medical Assistant.


Hope Ministries

Kelsey D

After graduating from The Way to Work's (TWTW) 6-week Going Beyond class, the program sent Ms. D to APSY driving academy, a TWTW partner, where she earned her Driver's license. Ms. D got her first job at Lucky Pierre's and has been employed for six months, despite the difficulty of transportation in a rural community! Ms. D is currently working on her HISET (high school equivalency) and is sticking to her budget which allows her to save money that she plans to use to purchase a car

Charles G 

Mr. G was referred to the program by his sister after she found success there. He has struggled his entire adult life with addiction. After graduating from The Way to Work's (TWTW) 6-week Going Beyond class and working one-on-one with a career coach, Mr. G began work at Super 1 Food as a stocker. After several weeks of employment, his coach reached out to discuss updating his budget to reflect his new financial situation. With the help of his career coach, Mr. G opened his first checking and savings accounts. He was recently promoted to the deli department with better pay and hours that work better for him and his family. Mr. G has held his job for six months and has been sober for over a year!

Terrius A 

Mr. A came to the The Way to Work (TWTW) office for the first time in August of 2021. He was very sick with sinus issues and could not stay awake during the initial meeting with his career coach. He didn't have insurance or money for a doctor's visit. He also did not have SNAP or Medicaid and said he tried to apply but did not understand the paperwork. His coach helped him apply online and was approved for both SNAP and Medicaid. Several weeks later, he attended his first Going Beyond class and made it all the way to graduation in October of 2021, getting to wear a graduation gown for the first time ever. After graduation, Mr. A told his coach that he wanted to work at the LSU cafeteria. With the help of his coach, he applied and was hired on 1/6/22. Mr. A did not have transportation or money to buy his work uniform. TWTW used SNAP E&T funds to give him a bus pass and purchased a uniform to get him started. Four months later, Mr. A is still employed with LSU and, following the savings plan he created with his coach, he has saved enough money for a down payment on his first car. His coach gave his contact information to The Faith Fund to assist him with a low-interest car loan.

Louisiana Green Corps (LAGC)

One shared success story is that a handful of our green infrastructure alumni (Willie Jones, Stacey Crawford, Michael Washington, and Terrence Armstrong) all completed their internships in the fall with Groundwork NOLA - completing a large commercial stormwater management project at St. Bernard and Claiborne led by three community organizations. This site will manage 35,000 gallons of water, reduce flooding and serve as a beautiful green space with native plants for the community to enjoy. All of them were hired on to work at Groundwork after their internship and have retained their employment for the past 5 months! 



Within the last few months of our current year of SNAP E & T Program execution, NOWCS have helped two residents, a husband and wife, obtain identification so that they could proceed in the job search component process. During this time, our local offices were still closed due to COVID- 19 restraints. Prior to obtaining these documents, both parties would get to the point of interviewing and committing to schedules, but upon completing paperwork or broken promises of hope or exhausting the deadline given to obtain these documents, were to no avail. Finally, the couple was offered employment at McDonald’s as a result of obtaining these documents successfully and being vigilant in their desires to be better than they have been in the past.

Former residents, now in the transitional assistance program (TAP), also returned to the shelter for extended, guided assistance in their job search training.  One resident was able to return to her passion of nursing, particularly supporting the elderly. Another resident, who is in his 60s, learned to use Google programming to recreate his resume and a supporting, more professional email address. At the conclusion of this particular meeting, the client stated the following, “It has been difficult for me to believe in myself, as a man who has had a hard time providing for his family; but today you gave me confidence.”

Finally, NOWCS’ participation in the SNAP E & T Program offers Job Retention, including management & consulting services; therefore, the opportunity presented to counsel a client struggling to choose between his/her passion & his/her purpose; causing discomfort and confusion with the decision /offer to increase work hours (more income) already working 2 jobs or to decrease hours with 1 and pursue enrollment in a continuing education program for Health Information Management. This client was assisted with making the best/ most empowering choice for herself and her family.

 NOWCS’ SNAP E&T Program has helped forge several relationships with other employers –

Fogo de Chao, a fine dining Brazilian steakhouse; this partnership led to the hiring and general managers coming to the shelter and conducting about 5-6 on-the-spot interviews for both TAP and current residents. As a result, a current resident was hired; NOWCS’ SNAP E & T Program also helped this resident to obtain work shoes and transportation for her new position. NOWCS’ SNAP E & T Program has been encouraged to continue this partnership with Fogo de Chao’s management team.

 City Park New Orleans sponsored a same-day interview & hiring fair and (2) clients have received job offers; Maison Orleans, an outpatient healthcare facility, has offered (2) clients' positions with their company and are interested in more clients participating in the program to come aboard.


Reconcile New Orleans Success Stories

Reconcile graduate Samyriah is spreading her wings.  As a result of her training at Cafe Reconcile, she stepped into full-time employment at Jack Rose Restaurant where she puts her new skills to the test.

Through her workforce training supported by public and private funds, Samyriah accomplished a lot.  She's earned two industry credentials, mastered foundational restaurant techniques, and developed essential skills that expanded her resume.

The most important skill she learned was empowerment.  She learned to speak up for herself.  Samyriah's naturally quiet, but through Reconcile's communication workshops she learned techniques on how to open up, ask questions, and have confidence in her abilities.  Work-based learning opportunities with restaurant partners like Jack Rose provided Samyriah the opportunity to put her new skills to the test. 

"Just when I'm comfortable handling my (work) projects, the next week I have to learn something new and take on new responsibilities." -  Samyriah

Samyriah graduated in December 2021 and through a year of follow-up, she will continue to have support.  The Employment & Education Specialist checks on Samyriah once a week and connects with the Jack Rose kitchen staff to learn more about how to support Samyriah's career pathway.     

Samyriah is a pro when you see her in Jack Rose's kitchen and that feeling of accomplishment is crucial to her success.  It's possible when public and private funders, as well as the business community, work together. 

India graduated from Reconcile New Orleans in March 2022 by successfully completing all four phases of Reconcile's job training program. She put in the hard work, earned two industry credentials, and mastered skills to secure a job she's excited about.

Today, you'll find India at Barrow's Catfish working in the kitchen using her talents to prepare and plate delicious meals.

“I definitely use my training from Reconcile every day at my job. Every station I trained on in Reconcile’s kitchen, I’ve worked here!”-India

India hopes to save money and return to college in the Fall of 2022. She aspires to enroll in UNO’s engineering program and work part-time at Barrow’s while she’s in school.

Barrow’s owner, KJ, describes India as talented and hard-working. “She is a fast learner, willing to try any station, and takes pride in her work.”

The braiding of public funds such as SNAP E&T and private funding supported wrap-around services like mental health counseling, transportation assistance, a new industry uniform, and daily meals to fuel our interns.   


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