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Kinship Navigator - Becoming a Foster or Adoptive Parent

For relatives who are seeking to or are already providing care to a child in foster care, there is a separate certification process available to expedite the placement of children with qualified relatives.

It is very important that relatives contact the agency immediately when a relative child is placed in foster care if they are interested in providing care and to initiate the placement assessment and certification process.

Removal of a child from his/her home can be very traumatic and in providing a child with safe and stable care by a relative or someone known to the child, can greatly assist in reducing the impact of this trauma to the child. Additionally, as children quickly develop attachments with their caregivers, it is essential that relatives come forward early in the child’s foster care placement. Failure of a relative to come forward when the child enters foster care and is in need of a safe and stable caregiver, may result in the loss of placement consideration for that child in the future.

Should you be interested in becoming certified as a relative foster parent (caregiver) for a child in foster care, click here for local DCFS contact information.

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