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Empowering people for success through Skills, Employment and Training

The SET for Success initiative provides individuals and families in specific DCFS programs the opportunity to participate and gain the skills, education or work experience needed to become employable and earn a living wage. The three programs under SET for Success— SNAP E&T, STEP and CSE E&T—empower individuals to transform their lives through training and skills to overcome barriers.

SET for Success Initiatives

  • SNAP E&T

    Reaching Empowerment through Skills, Employment and Training

    SNAP E&T is a free, voluntary program for individuals who receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. The program provides individuals with skills, training and experience that will help them start a job or change into a better-paying job if they already work. Participation in the program does not affect an individual’s SNAP benefits.

    SNAP E&T Program Details
  • STEP

    Strategies to Empower People

    STEP helps work-eligible families that receive cash assistance through the Family Independence Temporary Assistance Program (FITAP) move toward obtaining employment through job training, skills development and support services. All work‑eligible applicants/recipients of FITAP participate in the STEP program. STEP coaches help participants develop a job readiness plan that looks at basic skills, needs and interests to help them get a job.

    STEP Program Details
  • CSE E&T

    Achieving Change for Children through Employment, Skills and Support

    CSE E&T is a new, free initiative for both non-custodial and custodial parents who have an active child support case in Louisiana. CSE E&T helps parents with job training, job readiness, and education to sufficiently support their families.

    CSE E&T Program Details

SET for Success Support Services

SET for Success initiatives supply a variety of support services to help participants prepare
and find jobs while also helping remove possible problems they face while completing the program. While each program offers different supports, common examples include:

Job Plan Graphic

A Personal
Job Plan

Job Search Graphic

Job Search

Job Retention Graphic

Job Retention Skills
and Support

Work Readiness Graphic

Work Readiness

Basic Skills Graphic

Basic Skills

Reimbursement for Transport Graphic

Connection to Transportation

Reimbursement for Childcare Graphic

Referral for Childcare

Reimbursement for Work-related Items

Reimbursement for
Work-related Items

Next Steps


If you are a DCFS client, please contact your caseworker for more information on these initiatives or locate a community provider near you.


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