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Online Helpdesk

Sending Documents
  • Where do I send my documentation?
    • For Economic Stability programs (SNAP, KCSP, FITAP), fax documents to 225-663-3164, or mail them to:

      P.O. Box 260031
      Baton Rouge, LA 70826.
    • For Child Support Enforcement, fax documents to 225-663-3165, or mail them to:

      P.O. Box 260032
      Baton Rouge, LA 70826.
CAFÉ Account
  • How do I create a CAFÉ account?
  • How can I reset my password?
    • Please go to and click on “Forgot Password?” or “Forgot User ID?”
    • NOTE: Your password is case sensitive, must include one capital and one special character (usually a number) and must contain at least 8 characters.
  • What is my PIN number?
    • It’s the 6-digit number you had to create when you created your CAFÉ account. It is located under the “Manage My Account” tab in your CAFÉ account.
  • What do I do if I'm locked out of my CAFÉ account?
    • If you are locked out, this means you had too many attempted logins that were incorrect. Please wait, and the system will unlock you. If you are not able to log in after 24 hours, please email for assistance.
  • Why does it say I'm already logged in? Does someone have my login information?
    • This likely means that you logged out incorrectly. You must select the logout button. Or you may have hit the back arrow or the "X" in the upper corner. Please wait, and the system will reset you to be able to log back in. If you still cannot log in after 24 hours, please email for assistance.
  • Why can’t I link to my case?
    • If your case is closed, you will not be able to link to it to view until it is opened. If you know your case is open and it still won’t link, it could be due to the information you’re putting in. One common reason is that you must be sure to put in the FIRST five letters of your LAST name.
Child Support
  • How can I contact my Child Support caseworker?
    • Follow these steps to send a message to your caseworker:
      • Sign into CAFÉ.
      • Click on the "Check My Cases" link on your "My Account" page.
      • Click on "Child Support Enforcement Details" located under "Case Summary."
      • Click on the "Child Support Enforcement Message Center" link.
      • Click on "Submit a Question," and send your question or information.
  • Where can I get information on my Child Support case for the Housing Authority?
    • Log into your CAFÉ account and print out information on your case from there. You will need to click on "Case Information" and print this screen.
      • If you have a case, you also will need to click on "View More Details" where you can print the last 12 months of payments, if needed.
      • If you have never had a Child Support case, please have your Housing Authority fax a release form to 888-836-2623 or send the release form by mail to:

        DCFS Correspondence
        P.O. Box 459
        Ocala, FL 34478-0459

        Housing Authority will validate only if you have NO RECORD of a DCFS case.
  • How can I apply for benefits online?
    • You must first create an online CAFÉ account.
    • After you successfully create your account:
      • Go to the My Applications Page of the CAFÉ Customer Portal.
      • Complete an electronic application for benefits.
      A DCFS staff member will contact you for an interview, if applicable. You can monitor the status of your application through the Application Status Page of the CAFÉ Customer Portal.
  • How do I get a budget sheet printout?
    • Log into your CAFÉ account and select "Check My Cases."
    • If you have not linked your SNAP or FITAP case, please select "Add a SNAP case to your account" or "Add a FITAP case to your account."
    • If you have linked your case, select "SNAP Details."
    • Print this first page that has "Case Details," which includes the following information about your case:
      • Case Category (SNAP, FITAP)
      • Case Status
      • Benefit Amount
      • Application Date
      • Certification Start Date
      • Certification End Date
      • Last Benefit was issued on Date
    • Under "Household Information," find the head of household and select "View Details," which is located under the "Budget Information" column. This will bring up a separate internet page.
    • Print your "Budget Information" page, which will give you all of your household budget data.
    • Close this window when you are finished.
  • What do I do if my EBT card is lost or stolen?
    • If you have lost or need to reset your SNAP EBT card, please call 1-888-997-1117.
  • For more information, visit our SNAP FAQS webpage here.
Emailing Us
  • I need to email for assistance. What information do I include in my email?
    • Please be sure to include the following information in your email:
      • Your name
      • Your case number, if known;
      • Detailed information on what you are requesting assistance with.
Child Care
  • I'm trying to apply for Child Care Assistance and cannot find the option on the application. What do I do?
    • Child Care Assistance is now handled by the Louisiana Department of Education. Please visit their website at If you have questions about your application for child care assistance, you may email If you need to fax in documents for your child care case: 225-376-6060.
Text Messages
  • I received a text message claiming to be from DCFS. Is the text legit?
    • From time to time, DCFS sends text messages to SNAP recipients and/or applicants with helpful information regarding benefits or other updates, as appropriate. To confirm the legitimacy of a message, you can contact LAHELP-U at 1-888-524-3578.
  • How can I stop receiving text messages from DCFS?
    • You can opt-out by replying with 'StopTEXT' or 'STOP'.
  • Why do my texts look different from my friend’s?
    • DCFS is actively trying different messaging to gather information to determine which experiences work best for clients.
  • Will these text messages cost me anything?
    • It depends on your phone plan. If you have a plan that charges for text messages, it will charge you the same as it would for any text message. Most phone plans, including those provided by the government, don’t charge for individual text messages.

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