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Family Services

Family Services are social services, which are provided to families and children in their own homes in order to address problems of abuse/neglect and promote the safety of the children within the family unit.

When do Family Services become Necessary?

Services are appropriate in situations where the abuse/neglect is not assessed to be of the nature and extent which would place one or more of the children in immediate danger of serious harm if services are provided to the family, and in which the parents or responsible caretakers demonstrate a willingness to change the abuse/neglectful behavior or circumstances.

This program is based upon the philosophy that each child should remain in his/her own home if it can offer him/her safety and meet his/her basic needs.

Who can receive the services?

Family services are provided to families in which an allegation of child neglect and/or abuse has been validated, and the family is thought to need more long term services. In some limited situations, families can voluntarily elect to participate in these services when Child Abuse or Neglect has not been validated.

How long can the services be received?

Family services are provided to children and their parents for a time-limited period, generally six months.

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