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Family-Centered Child Support

Family-Centered Child Support is the use of federal and state laws governing the IV-D program, to serve customers in an equitable way to improve family well-being. This model relies on a “Whole Family” approach to determine program impact on every member of the family.


The Family-Centered Child Support model focuses on building relationships to empower the families we serve by:

  • Sharing information about community support programs;
  • Encouraging families to become self-sufficient through economic stability;
  • Securing meaningful health care coverage;
  • Establishing right-sized orders and modifying orders based on the parents’ actual income;
  • Reducing child support debts owed by the noncustodial parents;
  • Building healthy family relationships through visitation programs; and
  • Reassessing enforcement actions and the ability to pay when payment struggles arise.

Through Family-Centered Child Support, DCFS continues working to keep children safe, helping individuals and families become self-sufficient, and providing safe refuge during disasters.


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