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Child Support Modification Process

If your circumstances have changed, your order may be eligible for modification. Before the agency can request a modification, CSE will perform a review.  During the review, CSE will verify custodial and non-custodial parent's employment status, income, and any other information relevant to your circumstances.  

Your child support order is eligible for modification only if the review shows that one (or more) of the following is true:

  • The order was established/last modified more than three years ago;
  • The monthly amount of the child support order differs by at least  25% according to child support guidelines; or
  • A material and substantial change in circumstances has occurred since the child support order was last set.


What is a "Material and Substantial Change in Circumstances"? Some examples of changes in circumstances are :

  • One parent's income has increased or decreased;
  • The child(ren)'s medical insurance coverage has changed; or
  • The child(ren) are now living with a different parent.


Understanding the Child Support Modification Process




How to Request a Review:

Ask DCFS to review your case:

If you have an active/open child support case, the fastest way to submit an official Request for Review of your court-ordered amount by clicking here : Request for Review.

You may also request a review in the following ways:

  • Contact the DCFS Customer Service Center at 1-888-524-3578 to request a review.
  • Send a message to your worker through the CAFÉ Self Service Portal,  Child Support Enforcement Message Center; or
  • Print, complete and submit the “Request for Review” form along with  documentation to the following: DCFS Document Processing Center / Child Support Enforcement, P.O. Box 260032 Baton Rouge, LA 70826


File Directly with the Court

You may choose to file directly with clerk of the court that issued your order.  To file, you may use the SES 668 Rule to Modify Child Support. Click here.   Each court has different procedures and fees.  Please contact the clerk for additional information about forms, filing fee(s) and ways that the court can assist you with filing fees. 


Next steps to process your request:

To process your request, we need the following information within 30 days of your request:

  • your income (including written proof of current wages and most recent federal income tax return)
  • child care costs
  • any other expenses for your child, which might include:
  • health insurance,
  • educational (for attending a private or special school),
  • transportation expenses (out of town visitation), and
  • medical expenses not covered by health insurance paid for the children in this case


Please label each document with your case number (Example: 123456-01), name and Last 4 of Social Security Number or your DOB and mail to us at: 

DCFS Document Processing Center / Child Support Enforcement
P.O. Box 260032 
Baton Rouge, LA 70826

NOTE: Do not send original documents. 


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