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SNAP July 2020 Redeterminations - Deadline Extended

SNAP July 2020 Redetermination Alert

There’s still time to complete your redetermination. The deadline has been extended to Friday, July 17th, but you must act now!

Q: I received a notice that I have to do my redetermination in July. I thought DCFS had waived redeterminations because of the pandemic.
A: Redeterminations had been waived for April, May and June, but the USDA is now requiring DCFS to resume interviews, redeterminations and simplified reports. We have extended the deadline to submit July redeterminations until 4:30 pm July 17, 2020.  If we have not received your form by that date, your case will close and you must reapply. Once you complete your redetermination you will receive an interview appointment date and time.

CAFÉ Upgrade 

If you have previously bookmarked or saved the link to our CAFE customer portal on your computer or phone, you may have linked to our old CAFE Customer Portal rather than our new, upgraded CAFE Self-Service Portal. To figure out which version of CAFE you are viewing, look at the top of the CAFE webpage and see whether it says "CAFE Customer Portal" (old system) or "CAFE Self-Service Portal" (upgraded system). If you are currently in the old system, you can reach the new system by going to

NOTE: If this is your first time visiting our upgraded CAFE Self-Service Portal, you will need to create a new CAFE account (even if you have an active SNAP case). For directions on how to do that, please watch this tutorial on How to Create a CAFE Account.

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