Help us protect Louisiana's children. Report Child Abuse & Neglect: 1-855-4LA-KIDS (1-855-452-5437) toll-free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

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Child Welfare
  • Agencies/entities seeking a Child Abuse/Neglect Clearance - including licensed out-of-state child care facilities, Louisiana DCFS licensed facilities, out-of-state Child Protective Agencies (only for investigation purposes, not home studies) and out-of-state agencies conducting home studies for foster children or as part of an open child welfare case - should make their request in the CANS system. For more information, visit our Child Abuse/Neglect Background Checks page.
  • Current certified foster/adoptive parents, residential providers, private foster home agencies and non-certified caretakers can visit the Café Provider Portal to upload and download documents, submit an Expenditure Affidavit, review board/expenditure history, register an email address for notifications or submit an Emergency Preparedness plan, if able to link an eligible TIPS Provider Number.
  • People interested in becoming certified foster/adoptive parents can also submit an application through the Provider Portal after beginning training classes.

For more information about Child Welfare services, visit our Child Welfare page.




Information about your SNAP, FITAP or KCSP case can be found in the Café Customer Portal. In Café, you can apply for benefits, check the status of an application, apply for continued assistance or redetermination, submit a simplified report or change report, and view information on your case, including benefit amounts and household details.

If you need additional information that is not available through Café, email our Customer Service Center at Be sure to include your name, case number (if known) and detailed information on what assistance you are requesting. Please do NOT send your full Social Security number.

For more information about our Economic Stability programs, visit our SNAP, FITAP and KCSP pages.



Child Support

Information about your Child Support case can be found in the Café Customer Portal. In Café, you can view payments received, get information on setting up a direct deposit account for receiving child support enforcement payments, and contact your caseworker through the Child Support Enforcement Message Center.

For more information about the Child Support Enforcement program, visit our Child Support Enforcement page.




For information about the handling of your initial Disability Determination claim, contact DDS:

  • Baton Rouge area - 1-800-256-2288
  • Shreveport area - 1-800-256-2266
  • New Orleans area - 1-800-256-2299

For information about the handling of your hearing request, contact your DDS Hearing Unit:

  • Baton Rouge area - 1-800-732-8921
  • Shreveport area - 1-800-732-8919
  • New Orleans area - 1-800-732-8920

For more information about Disability Determination Services, visit our Disability Determination Services page.

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