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Healthcare for People who were in Foster Care

Hang on to your card. You can continue to use your card to get medical care until you turn 26.

To qualify you must:

  • Be under 26 years old;
  • Live in Louisiana; and
  • Have been in foster care when you turned 18.

You should always keep in touch with the Medicaid office.

  • If you move, let us know your new address.
  • If you move out of state, you will no longer qualify for coverage in Louisiana, but we may be able to help you find coverage in your new state.
  • If you leave Louisiana and come back before you turn 26, let us know. You will still qualify for coverage.

Call if you have questions about your medical coverage.
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Mental Illness

Young people in foster care are often struggling with past trauma and loss, lots of changes, and issues with family, friends, or their placement. Sometimes, the feelings that result can become overwhelming or even result in depression, anxiety, or stress symptoms that need to be treated with medication.

It’s not always easy to know when you should seek help from a doctor, counselor, or teacher. Everyone has bad days from time to time. Most days should not be bad days.

Signs that you may need help include:

  • You have symptoms that occur most days.

  • You experience a big change in how you feel.

  • Your symptoms get in the way of school, your job, or your relationships.

  • Your actions are dangerous.

If you see signs that you need help, talk to trusted adults (an advocate, mentor, or caseworker) about getting an appointment with a doctor or mental health specialist.

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