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More Participation, More Money to Children in 2nd Year of 'On the Road Again' Child Support Project

BATON ROUGE - Collections during the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services' (DCFS) second annual "On the Road Again" child support project increased by 85% this year, with 291 payors paying $360,456.42 in current and past-due child support. The money will benefit 365 families with 480 children.

The limited-time project, initiated last year, provides an opportunity for parents whose driver's licenses have been suspended for nonpayment of child support to get their licenses reinstated for a reduced amount.

During the inaugural, 6-week project in 2018, DCFS collected $193,882.30 in child support from 195 payors, giving 249 families needed support.

This year, the project was extended to 8 weeks to give more payors an opportunity to participate. The project ended September 30.

Typically, a payor who has fallen behind in their child support payments, and had their license suspended as a result, must come into subsequent or partial compliance with their court-ordered support payments before the license may be reinstated. Subsequent compliance requires the payor to be up-to-date with current child support payments; have paid all past-due support or be making period payments in accordance with either a court order or a written agreement with the DCFS analyst; and have provided health insurance, if required to do so.

With the "On the Road Again" project, DCFS Child Support Enforcement (CSE) offered to reduce those requirements for eligible payors who paid, on each case, two months of court-ordered support, $100 toward arrears or past-due support, and an administrative fee, if court ordered.

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