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Last Evacuees in State-Run Shelters Return to Their Communities

09.04.12 - The Department of Children and Family Services has announced today that the last evacuees have left state-run shelters in Alexandria and Shreveport.

The final 48 evacuees from the Alexandria Megashelter and the last five evacuees from the Jewella shelter in Shreveport returned home or to shelters closer to their communities today.

The majority of evacuees remaining in the shelters in the last day were from St. John the Baptist and Plaquemines Parishes. Those without transportation were moved by bus to pick-up points in their parish or to Red Cross shelters closer to their communities.

In the last 24 hours, a total of 1,850 evacuees that were housed in state-run shelters have returned home or to other shelters. At the height of the state's sheltering operation, DCFS housed 6,353 evacuees in state-run shelters.

Currently, there are 616 evacuees in federal and Red Cross shelters across the state. There are no evacuees in any parish-run shelters.


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