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Success Stories

Unlocking Potential, Inspiring Success.

Witness transformative journeys as participants overcome challenges, acquire new skills, and secure stable employment. Celebrate empowering stories of resilience and boundless potential within each individual. Join us in honoring their success!

LaTarus Warren

"I have goals now that I never thought I could have achieved until now."

Shanna Wynn

“There is never a dream too big or small if you set your mind to the end result you want.”

LaTarus Warren

When LaTarus Warren found himself struggling to make child support payments despite having a job, the CSE E&T program provided him with the necessary resources and support to achieve a goal that once seemed out of reach – attending night classes and getting his CDL Class A license. Mr. Warren now has a clear career pathway and the ability to earn a living wage that allows him to support himself and fulfill his child support obligations.

Shanna Wynn

Meet Shanna Wynn, a dedicated Strategies to Empower People (STEP) Program Coach hailing from the Thibodaux Region. In the heart of her story lies the essence of STEP's mission – to pave a pathway to self-sufficiency for work-eligible families benefiting from FITAP, empowering them with opportunities for job training, employment, and comprehensive support services.

“My name is Shanna Wynn. Let me begin by saying that where I am now in life is very different from where I was 14 months ago. I was first introduced to the STEP program as a participant. And let me tell you, I was far from sure where my life would be now. About fourteen months ago, I experienced extreme hardship and could not meet my basic needs. I made a choice to pick up my children and move back to my home state of Louisiana.”

“Upon moving back to Louisiana, I was introduced to STEP Coaches and, using the tools they provided, I started making goals for my family. With each goal I made, my coaches were there to cheer me on, encourage me, and help me become the best version of myself. With the encouragement from my coach, I applied for the STEP Coach position at DCFS. She saw something in me and knew I was made for this position. Long story short, I enrolled in an online Medical Billing and Coding program at Ultimate Medical Academy in Tampa, Florida, and fourteen months later, I am a college graduate. While working full time as a STEP Coach and being a full-time single mom, I still managed to earn High Honors with a 4.0 GPA and become a member of the Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society. I regularly share my story of success with STEP participants to encourage them to set goals and have dreams. There is never a dream too big or small if you set your mind to the end result you want.”

“Shanna is committed to helping our participants because she has been in their shoes," Lisa Deroche, STEP Coach. “She understands the participants' circumstances and is very innovative at finding resources to assist them in any way possible. In addition to this, she also opens the door to talk about her life experiences to encourage the participants to share more of their stories with her. This enables her to find different avenues to assist them in their own journey within the STEP program. Although she now has a degree in a completely different field than STEP, she remains committed to helping our participants and has stated to me several times that she is not going anywhere because she knows she was called to do this work!”

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