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How to Become a Provider

The SNAP Employment and Training initiative offers SNAP recipients the tools and experience needed to increase their ability to obtain regular employment, reduce their reliance on SNAP benefits and achieve self-sufficiency.

The program is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service. 

The voluntary program is free and open to participants receiving SNAP benefits. Under the SNAP E&T initiative, providers are eligible for federal reimbursement for SNAP-recipient expenses related to transportation, dependent care and supportive services, such as clothing, uniforms, equipment, emergency temporary housing assistance, books, supplies and tools.

The amount and percentage of reimbursements vary based on the program and the types of expenditures.

View the SNAP E&T Provider Directory here.

Become a Provider

Steps to Becoming a SNAP E&T Provider

  • Become familiar with the SNAP E&T Program requirements by reviewing the  SNAP E&T Toolkit.
  • Complete and submit the SNAP E&T Provider Application and requested documentation to DCFS.
  • DCFS will review the SNAP E&T Provider Application and will schedule a consultation which may include an onsite visit to:
    • Review the application and determine if the services provided by your agency are allowable SNAP E&T activities.
    • Discuss capacity and evaluate if your agency is currently serving or is able to recruit SNAP participants for the SNAP E&T program.
    • Evaluate your agency’s ability to accurately track and allocate costs associated with the SNAP E&T program and maintain acceptable documentation of all costs subject to reimbursement.
    • Request further documentation such as the 501(c)(3) determination letter, confirmation of registration, and active and good standing with the State of Louisiana
  • Contact DCFS’ SET for Success Initiative to request additional guidance if needed to evaluate the feasibility of your agency becoming a partner in the SNAP E&T program.
  • Draft a Statement of Work, Budget, Budget Narrative, Budget Justification, and complete a Non-Federal Funding form hereafter referred to as “required documents” and submit to DCFS.
    • DCFS will use the Non-Federal Funding form to determine if your agency has a source of non-Federal funding to cover 100% of the costs associated with the SNAP E&T program activities your agency proposes to offer. Determine if you are able to financially sustain your program while waiting for reimbursement.
  • DCFS will update and submit the SNAP E&T State Plan to Food & Nutrition Service (FNS) on the schedule below:
    • Initial SNAP E&T State Plan for the new Federal Fiscal Year (October 1 – September 31): Last day to submit SNAP E&T Application is March 1. Last day to submit all required documents for review by DCFS is April 1. Final required documents are due by May 1 and will be submitted to FNS by August 15 for contracted services to be effective October 1.[1]
    • The SNAP E&T State Plan will be amended once per Federal Fiscal Year. Last day to submit the SNAP E&T Application is November 1. Last day to submit all required documents for review by DCFS is December 1. All final required documents are due by January 2 and will be submitted to FNS by February 1 for contracted services to be effective April 1.
  • Based on the availability of federal funds and the appropriateness of the services proposed by your agency, DCFS will provide notification regarding the approval of the request to participate in the SNAP E&T Program. If approval is granted, an agreement between the State of Louisiana, Department of Children & Family Services and your agency will be sent to you for completion and approval.

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