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Child Welfare

Safe Haven: For Care Providers

Safe Baby SiteLouisiana is a Safe Haven State

The most difficult aspect of implementing Louisiana's Safe Haven law is making sure both parents and care givers at designated emergency care facilities know about the law and what to do to enact it.

For employees of designated emergency care facilities:

  • Training Packet - Download and print this training packet to instruct care givers about what to do if a parent wants to invoke the Safe Haven law.
  • Training Video - Designated Emergency Care Facility Responsibilities
    • WMV - Viewable on DCFS network computers
    • MP4   - Viewable on emergency care facility computers, mobile devices
  • Genetic History Information  (Form 448) - Parents may have the option of filling out this anonymous medical/genetic history form for the child.
  • Safe Haven Card - Print this card to give to a parent reliquishing his/her child through the Safe Haven law. (Print the card 2-sided and cut out).
  • Posters and Brochures - Posters, brochures and cards to give to parents using Safe Haven are available.
  • Window Decals (pictured right) are available to Safe Haven sites, designating them as a Safe Haven facility.


For Parents:

  1. Locate the nearest emergency care facility (i.e. hospital, public health unit, any EMS unit, medical clinic, fire or police station, pregnancy crisis center or child advocacy center)
  2. Locate an employee with the facility, hand your child to them and state that you want to utilize Louisiana's Safe Haven law.
  3. You should be given a card or phone number where you can leave further information about the child and his/her medical history. You can either take the materials or walk away.