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Child Welfare

Child Abuse/Neglect Background Checks

Louisiana maintains a State Repository and a State Central Registry (SCR). The State Repository is a repository of all reports of child abuse and/or neglect. The SCR is a listing of perpetrators of certain valid child abuse/neglect investigations, as determined by the Tiered Validity System. The Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC) and Louisiana’s Children’s Code govern what information is contained in the Repository and State Central Registry, as well as what information can be released by DCFS.

DCFS does not conduct child abuse/neglect clearances for individuals unless legally authorized to do so.

Child Abuse and Neglect Clearances for employment/volunteer purposes at a child care facility or family day care home licensed in Louisiana are requested through the Louisiana Department of Education at

The Louisiana Child Abuse and Neglect Clearance System (CANS) is the mechanism to request other types of searches. This system can be accessed through the following link Employee/Volunteer clearances for the purpose of employment in a child care facility licensed outside of Louisiana requires a $25.00 fee. The following types of clearances must be submitted through the CANS system:

  • Clearances for out of state licensed child care facility employees/volunteers (must be requested by the licensed facility)
  • Requests from out of state Child Protection Agencies
  • Requests for out of state agencies certifying foster/adoptive parents that serve foster children

Requests for an agency clearance for the purpose of adoption are submitted to the Adoption Petition Worker in the respective region. Office locations can be found here:

Other requests, not mentioned above, are submitted to the State Office CPS Program either via email at DCFS.CHILDPROTECTIVESERVICES.DCFS@LA.GOV (preferred), or by faxing the request to 225-342-3480.

Louisiana strives to complete all clearances within 10 business days. However, the appeals process of investigative findings will likely delay responses from DCFS. 

If Louisiana requests additional information to complete an agency clearance, all information must be submitted timely. Failure to submit requested information within 30 calendar days will result in the need to submit a new request.

Additional information regarding agency background clearances can be obtained:

  • Other:

    • Via fax:


    • Via Mail:

      Department of Children and Family Services
      Child Welfare
      Attention: CPS Intake
      P.O. Box 3318
      Baton Rouge, LA 70821

    •  Via Phone: