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SNAP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. I received my notice to do my Redetermination, and it won’t allow me to complete the form online. What can I do??

  • Review the letter and make sure you are due to submit a Redetermination. This information is located on the first page of your notice.
  • The redetermination application cannot be completed online before the 17th of the month before the month it is due. For example, if you are due for August Redetermination, you can go online on or after the 17th of July.
  • If you had started a Redetermination application before the 17th start date in CAFE and were not able to complete it due to the timeframe, you will not be able to use this application for your Redetermination. You will need to start a new one in the CAFE Portal.

Q2.  I received an appointment letter for my Redetermination interview and no one called. What do I do?

The caseworkers do their best to call at your scheduled times; however, they may be behind schedule if another interview ran longer than expected. Please do the following:

  • Review the letter and make sure you have submitted the Redetermination application at least 24 hours before your interview appointment.  
  • If you have done this, and you still have not been contacted, please allow until the close of business at 4:30 p.m. for the worker to call. 
  • If you have not received a call by the end of the day, please call 1-888-524-3578, select 1-3-1-5-1, and ask that your appointment be rescheduled.

Q3.   I can’t get my cases to link on my CAFÉ Portal. What do I do?

Call 1-888-524-3578 to see if your case is currently open. If your case is closed, you will not be able to link your CAFÉ account to any case you have had. If your case is active and still not linking, please do the following:

  • Check to make sure you are putting in the correct date of birth, Social Security number and the first five letters of your last name. The last name should be your legal name.
  • If you still cannot link your case, please email LAHelpU@LA.GOV and include screen shots, your user name and the email address linked to your CAFÉ Portal.

Q4. I no longer have access to my email address that I used to create my CAFÉ account. What do I do if I need to reset my password?

DCFS Customer Service Team can assist you in your password reset. Please email LAHelpU@LA.GOV with the following information:

  • Name
  • User Name
  • Address (for verification purposes)
  • DOB
  • Case Number *
  • Phone number
  • After your password has been reset, you will need to enter a new email address on your CAFÉ Portal account under Manage My Account.

* For SNAP clients, your case number is your CID, which is located on your EBT card. It is the small number listed underneath your 16-digit card number. For Child Support clients, your case number is your LASES#. This can be located on most documents the Department has sent to you.

Q5.  I’m trying to finish an application and need a PIN. What is this?

Your PIN is located under the tab, Manage My Account. It is the number that was created when you created your CAFÉ Account.

Q6.  I have an interview tomorrow, and the number you have on file is incorrect.  What do I do?

If you have completed your application, your worker will call the number that is on your application. If you have not completed your Redetermination application, an application must be turned in at least 24 hours before your interview time.

Q7.  I have lost my EBT Card. What do I do?

Call 1-888-997-1117 to request a new card.

Q8. I need to reset my EBT PIN. What do I do?

Call 1-888-997-1117.

Q9.  How do I upload documents to my case?

To upload documents, please follow these steps:

If you are in the process of submitting an application:

  • At the end of your submission of the application, you will be prompted to upload documents.
  • If you have just submitted an application for assistance:
  • Log into your CAFÉ portal account at
  • Click on “My Applications” tab.
  • Click on “Upload Documents.”.

If you have an existing opened case:

  • Log into your CAFÉ portal account at
  • Click on “Check My Cases.”
  • Select your Program (i.e., SNAP, CSE, FITAP)
  • Under case details, click on “+ Upload.”.

Please note: You will need to scan and save the documents to your computer to upload in the CAFE Portal. You may have to download the software named “WebTwain” to allow you to upload documents. This software is not compatible with Apple computers.

Q10.  I need emergency food stamps. What do I do?

Please create a CAFÉ profile, if you have not done so, and submit an application online at . All applications received are reviewed for expedited (emergency) services. 

Q11. I want a fair hearing. What do I do?

You may request a SNAP fair hearing by phone or in writing to your caseworker.

  • Call 1-888-524-3578, then select 1-3-1-5-1; or
  • Send your request in writing to:
    • DCFS Economic Stability, P.O. Box 260031, Baton Rouge, LA 70826
    • By Fax:  225-663-3164

Please include your Name and Case/CAFÉ number (or SSN if case number is unknown) on your document.

Q12.  I missed my Redetermination interview because I didn’t get my notice in time. What do I do?

Please call 1-888-524-3578 and select 1-3-1-5-1 to request a new interview date and time.  Make sure you have completed your Redetermination. (See also Question 2.)

Q13.  I want to change my caseworker. What do I do?

Caseworkers are not re-assigned upon request. However, if you have a concern, please email mailto:LAHelpU@LA.GOV  for assistance.

Q14.  How do I create a CAFÉ account?

Visit our website at .

  • Click on “New to LA CAFÉ? Click here to get started!”
  • Read the page titled, “Are You in the Right Place and?”, select “Next” on the bottom of the page.
  • The easiest way to create your account is to select “Create Account.”
    • If you have a Child Support Case and have used the IVR, you can use your User Number and PIN that was issued by the 888-524-3578 toll-free number.
  • You will now be directed to a page titled, “Setting Up Your Account.”. There are four steps you must complete.
  • When you are finished with Step 4, check the box that you agree to the Louisiana’s User Acceptance Agreement.
  • Select Create Account.
  • A page called “Security Questions” will display. If it does not, your account has not been created.  It is highly recommended you answer your security questions with answers only YOU will be able to remember. DCFS personnel will NOT have access to this information, and it is for your purposes only!
  • For the step-by-step process, please see “Creating an account ”.

Q15.  Why isn’t my CAFÉ account working?

Please make sure that you are using a desktop computer or that your mobile device is set to desktop mode.  Not all mobile devices are compatible with the website.

Q16. How do I reset my password for my CAFÉ Portal?

Go to  and underneath the log-in boxes, you will see the following:

  • To retrieve your User Name, click on “Forgot User ID?”
  • To retrieve your Password, click on “Forgot Password?”
    • NOTE:  You will be prompted to answer three Security Questions. These questions were asked of you when the CAFÉ User Profile was created. They are case- and spelling-sensitive.

Q17.  I submitted my documents. How do I know if they were received?

Caseworkers are allowed up to 30 days to process your application.  If you have not received notice after the 30 days, you will need to call 888-524-3578, select 1-3-1-5-1, and ask your caseworker to contact you.

Q18.  How can I close my SNAP/FITAP/KCSP case?

Report the change of circumstances by:

  • Logging into your CAFÉ account and select “Report Changes”; or
  • Sending your request in writing to:
    • DCFS Economic Stability, P.O. Box 260031, Baton Rouge, LA 70826
    • Faxing it to:  225-663-3164

Q19.  If I’m pregnant and I’m under the age of 22 and live with my parents, can I get SNAP benefits?

If you are under 22 and live with your parent(s), please note, parent(s) must be included in your SNAP application.

Q20.  If I’m pregnant, will my benefits increase?

No.  After the birth of the child, you may report your child as an additional member of the household.

Q21.  I am on a special diet and cannot eat what everyone else is eating. Can I get additional benefits?

Benefits are based on income and expenses and cannot be increased because of special diet, but SNAP benefits may be used to purchase these types of foods.

Q22.  I am currently attending college. Can I receive SNAP benefits?

In order to be eligible for SNAP benefits as a student attending college, you must:

  • Be enrolled at least half-time in an institution of higher education.
    • An Institution of higher education means:
      • Business, technical, trade, or vocational school that normally requires a high school diploma or equivalency certificate (GED) for enrollment in the curriculum, or 
      • Regular curriculum at a college or university that offers degree programs regardless of whether a high school diploma or equivalency certificate (GED) is required.
  • If the above requirements have been met, you must meet one of the following conditions:
    • Be under the age 18 or over 49;
    • Physically or mentally unfit; 
    • Receiving FITAP benefits;
    • Employed for an average of at least twenty (20) hours per week and paid for such employment, or if self-employed, employed for an average of at least twenty (20) hours per week and receive weekly earnings at least equal to the federal minimum hourly wage multiplied by 20 hours; or
    • Participating in a state or federally financed work study program during the regular school year.

Q23. How do I pre-register for DSNAP?

Visit  or call 1-888-524-3578 for more information.

Q24.  What happens if there is a declared disaster and I have already pre-registered for DSNAP?

Please check the DCFS Website for the most current information regarding DSNAP, DSNAP sites and what areas are eligible for DSNAP services. Other resources for information are the DCFS Facebook Page and local media.

Q25.  Do I have to pre-register for DSNAP every year or for every declared disaster?

No, pre-registration is a one-time event.  You can log into your DSNAP account to update any information.

Q26. I lost power. Do I automatically get DSNAP benefits?

Anytime a household loses food purchased with SNAP benefits that were destroyed due to a household misfortune, the household may get SNAP benefits replaced, as long as it is reported within ten (10) days and you sign the affidavit at the local office within ten (10) days of reporting the loss. If the misfortune is due to a power outage, the outage must have been for more than 24 hours.

Q27.  I currently receive SNAP benefits. Do I need to pre-register for DSNAP?

No, if you currently receive SNAP benefits, please do not pre-register for DSNAP.  In a declared disaster event, if SNAP recipients are eligible for additional benefits, the additional benefits may be added automatically to the regular monthly benefit amount or a separate process will be implemented. During a declared disaster, you can find the most up-to-date information about disaster food assistance on the DCFS website.

Q28.  Since I do not need to pre-register, and I currently receive SNAP benefits, what happens during a declared disaster?

Please check our website, Facebook page, Twitter page, etc. for additional information during a declared disaster.

Q29. During a declared disaster, do I have to live in the disaster area to receive DSNAP benefits?

Yes, your primary residence must be in the declared disaster area to apply for DSNAP benefits.

Q30. I lost my DSNAP card. What do I do?

Go to your local DCFS Economic Stability Office.

Q31.  How long are my DSNAP benefits active on my card?

DSNAP benefits will be available on your card for 1 year (365 days) after the date they were loaded onto the card.

Q32.  How do I get a DSNAP card?

You will be issued a DSNAP card at a DSNAP site once you are approved.

Q33.  How do I update information on my Pre-registration for DSNAP?

Log into your DSNAP account and update your information.

Q34.  How do I preregister for DSNAP?

Visit or call 1-888-524-3578 for more information on DSNAP.

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