Establish - Enhance - Empower Building up Louisiana by breaking down state data  June 29, 2011 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Iberville Building 9th Floor 627 N. 4th Street Baton Rouge, LA Lunch Provided  As our state faces increasing fiscal challenges, it becomes more difficult to provide supports that strengthen low-income families. The impacts these services have on chidlren are important determinants of our state's future vitality. Perhaps it is time to have a practical discussion about how interagency data collaborations can help agency leaders and policymakers monitor the impacts of these services on vulnerable children.  You are invited to a half-day workshop to discuss: - A federally supported interagency research partnership tying TANF-funded fatherhood supports to improved child support payments and the well-being outcomes of chidlren; - The implications of this research on leveraging limited state dollars while improving the lives of children from low-income families; - A federal funding opportunity to help all state agencies use better data tools to tie state services to the outcomes of children.  Who should attend? - State agency leaders and their information technology representatives - DCFS program and field operation leaders - Louisiana stakeholders or policymakers who are concerned about the outcomes of all children statewide.  RSVP by June 24, 2011 to Kasey Patin at 337-482-1562 or

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